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CarPi4 Plus3 – Android 2Din with TPMS\OBD2\DVR\SWC:


Android 5.1
7 ” HD LED display
TPMS (Tyre pressure monitoring system )
OBD2 (On board diagnostics)
GPS Antenna,
Google Maps Navigation \ Offline Navigation support
Rockchip chipset Quad Core Processor with 1GB RAM
Enhanced UI
Mobile Mirroring on head unit with enhanced UI, Sync your entire phone on your head unit
Compatible for all the cars (double din Size)
DVR front camera supports your journey recordings,auto recordings in case of accidents – Supports
Rear view parking camera assistance system with warning lines -Supports
HSMS (High Speed Monitoring System) -Warns you for your high speeds
SDVC (Speed Dependent Volume Control )
VMMS (Vehicle Mileage Monitoring System) – Calculate your fuel consumptions and more.
Bluetooth 4.0 \ Wifi \4G Dongle Support
FM \ Online TV\Radio support \ Netflix support \ YouTube
Supports all Video and Audio formats and there is no media format restrictions
Sound Management System which enables which speaker should have defined output (load balancing)
4.1 Channel 360 Watt in-built amplifier – you can directly connect 4 speakers and a subwoofer (self amplified model) without any external amplifier
2 USB ports\on board 16GB (all together it can hold 700GB media files), Third USB is optional
1024 HD resolution
Google PlayStore acess, You can download any application you want.
Track your car on your mobile and also track your last parking location
Compatible for all cars (additional 2din frame may required depends on your car model)
Compatible for existing steering wheel control buttons without any interface (Read user manaul)
Wireless Steering Wheel buttons (Which can be mount on steering wheel for all base models) – (Device included
External Mic – (Device included)
Multi screens support – you can add two more head rest screens for rear passengers
Supports Voice commands
1 year warranty


Package includes:

1 Android 7″ LED touch head unit, 1 DVR camera, 1 Rear View Camera, 1 TPMS (Tyre pressure\temperature monitor system), 1 OBD2 (On Board diagnostics), 1SWC (Steering Wheel controls(media)), GPS Antenna, and necessary cables


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